In Our Library:

Rules and regulationes

Library Membership

  • Every citizen of Republic Serbia can become a member of the library if he pays  membership  fee.
  • The same rule is for foreigners who live  in Prijepolje as for those who have permanent residence.
     It is desirable to bring ID card or other document  when you register.
  • Membership fee is paid annualy or monthly Every member is obliged to respect the Library regulations on providing services and using library materials

Conditions for use

  • Member of the library can borrow : 2 books and keep them to 15 days; 1 DVD and 1 magazine and keep them to 5 days.
  • Period of loan once can be extended to 10 days for all the books except school readers and books which are registered as reserved
  •  Period of loan can be extended in person or by the phone. Period of loan for CDs ,DVDs and magazines can not be extended.
    Those who do not give library material back  in time will pay penalties. Members who are warned three times to give materials back or do not pay penalties lose their right for membership.
  • When you register in one library department you  get a memberhip  for all departments or library branches.
  • Non-loan materials, refference material, serial publications and other special collections can be only used in  the Library departments.
  • Members are provided with all services and programmes of the Library
  • The internet access and computer access is defined under special regulations.