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The district of Prijepolje is situated in the southwest part of Serbia in the territory of middle Polimlje (mid basin of the river Lim). Average height above sea level is 1200 m which indicates that it has the characteristics of a mountain area.The highest peak is Jadovnik (Katunić,1,734m) and the lowest one at the mouth of the Milesevka river into the river Lim -440m above sea. Prijepolje is considered to be among cities having a moderate continental climate.The district ’s 41,188 inhabitants live within the area of 827 km 2 .
South of Prijepolje along the valley of the river Lim the road goes to 55 km distant Bijelo Polje and further on toward of Mojkovac,Kolasin,Podgorica and Bar.
Ten km North of Prijepolje there is Bistrica where the road forks in two directions,one towards Nova Varos 27 km far from Prijepolje and the other towards 30km distant Priboj.Through Bistrica the road goes further on toward Zlatibor,Uzice,Pozega,Kosjeric,Belgrade and other
West of Prijepolje the road goes along the valley of the Seljasnica river over the mountain plateau Jabuka in the direction of the 30 km distant town of Pljevlja.

East of Prijepolje down the riverbed of the Milesevka and Jadovnik mountain, the road leads to 30 km distant Sjenica and further on toward Novi Pazar,Pristina and Skopje.